Site stll showing parked ads

I changed the dns entries over 24 hours ago and still no success.

domain is

Was your website working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

yes. i parked it at sedo and trid bringing it back to here.

That doesn’t sound like a website. Cloudflare isn’t a web host, so it will just proxy whatever was there before you added it to Cloudflare.

no…i have hosting. sedo is a place where you can park your domain to try and sell it.

IS there an update?

You probably need to update your DNS records. They should match the records of where your site is hosted.

It’s not showing as parked for me; I see your website. Sometimes it just takes a while for nameserver changes to propagate.

Sedo would be the “hosting” provider in that case; you set your nameservers to whatever they specify, and they show a parking page while you wait for your domain to sell on their marketplace.

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