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Not sure if this issue is due to Cloudflare still trying to resolve DNS for certain areas, but I am still unable to resolve my website ( In cloudFlare, it does show that the site is Active. I have set up the hostname to point at my public IP address to access the server in my local network but am getting “This site can’t be reached; took too long to respond” error on the browser. I do appreciate any help that I can get :slight_smile:

Hi @hsiaojietng!

Your DNS looks fine to me, but the IP address your A record is pointing to doesn’t seem to be accepting connections. Make sure there’s a web server running at that address and the firewall (if your server has one) is configured to allow connections on ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS). For testing, you can also put that IP address directly in your browser’s address bar (just like is also an IP address).

(By the way, I see you’ve redacted the IP address in your screenshot, but DNS records are actually public and anyone can query them. If you’d like to hide your origin IP address, you can orange-cloud (proxy) the record, instead of setting it to “DNS only”. This will make your site’s traffic to flow through Cloudflare, also enabling a number of other benefits. It won’t help with the issue of your server not accepting connections, though; that one needs to be fixed separately.) Good luck!

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