Site Still Down After Domain Renewal

The domain is registered through Enom. It autorenewed. The client didn’t recognize the charge and did a chargeback. Enom took down the domain. Client supposedly called Enom and cleared it up. This is where it gets odd.

In CF, we’re keep getting the: Cloudflare periodically checks for nameserver updates. To initiate a nameserver check now, Check nameservers .

We’ve checked it multiple times and it’s still down. Been down for a while now.

I was going to try to cycle the NS records to theirs and then back to CF, but I get “Failed to set Registrar-Lock due to name on Registrar-Hold” at their end.

But it is showing the correct nameservers when we do a dig.

Name Server:
Name Server:

But the troubleshooting shows:

Cloudflare was unable to identify the site’s nameservers.

All red, as if it doesn’t exist, but clearly the nameservesr are in there and correct.

Really stuck.

That domain registration is still showing:

Domain Status: clientHold EPP Status Codes | What Do They Mean, and Why Should I Know? - ICANN

You’ll have to get the domain registrar to fix that, or wait for it to clear up. There’s nothing Cloudflare can do when the domain registration is in this state.


I figured it was something like that, but Enom was denying it was anything from their end and I didn’t know how to check or verify it.

Thank you.


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