Site still can’t be reached

why my site still can’t be reached and workered fine 3 days ago and nothing change in settings?

Your Domain does not have any NS entries. Please set your Domain up properly and add the NameServers which are provided to you by Cloudflare.

But is set in domain name servers in

Hi @Ulvis are you still encountering issues with this?

I think I know what happened.

  1. dnschecker: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool
    No NS entries.
  2. WhoIs: Whois
    Status: serverHold (updated 23.June)

serverHold means you probably forgot to pay the domain at your registrar (Source). Anyway just your registrar can give you any further informations, so please contact your domain registrar and ask them for more infos and how to resolve the issue.

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My domain is not expired and still is same issue ,i don’t know where really is problem.

We don’t know either. But as I just stated, your domain registrar will know.

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