Site speed

Hello, I would like to know if I could use WPMU DEV CDN if I have Cloudflare?

Another thing I would love to know more about is the “Polish” option in Cloudflare at the speed section. What would be better “lossless” or “lossy” and again should I check the box where it says “WebP”, what is that?

If that CDN moves your static content to a subdomain, then you can certainly use it with Cloudflare. You’ll probably want to set that DNS entry to :grey: so you’re not layering CDNs.

I use Lossy for Polish and the images still look good enough to me. Some image aficionados may prefer lossless, but I’m not that picky. WebP will auto-convert some jpg and png (maybe gif also) images to WebP if it can decrease the size.

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