Site speed slow

Hi Dear,

i am using free cloudflare service if i buy premium so please tell me i get load fast my site or no ?

and i can enable WAF only premium ?


You’ll need a paid plan to get the WAF, but site speed will be about the same. Slow sites are usually due to slow servers taking a long time to generate HTML.

What’s the domain?

now i am using a premium plan to active WAF and can you check my setting is ok in WAF or no and my site is so please tell me how can i get load fast withing one second ?


Your main HTML takes at least 500ms to load, so that delay is coming from your server.

The main page is also nearly 200 requests with 4MB of data. That’s never going to load in one second.

I have a pretty fast connection and it takes 1.5 seconds before anything shows up on the page. And another 3 seconds for all the third party resources to load.

ok dear thanks for explain to me please advice me for the best hosting company which is good and please check my WAF setting someone attack on my site direct in google analytics so how can i protect or what i do ?



reply me sir.


ok dear thanks and please check my settings in my account WAF is ok or need to change some thing?


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