Site speed down when adding Cloudflare CDN

Hi ! Our site has good punctuation on Pagespeed and on Gtmetrix, but once we use Cloudflare CDN, the site loads slowlier and sometimes, Pagespeed Insight Mobile punctuation goes down. Is there any kind of issue with our site We use WP Rocket and Siteground hosting.

You should probably get a lot Answer, use :search:

We have looked for answers and can’t find any solution for our site. In fact, sometimes it loads fast and some other times it foesn’t. Can someone help us?

It sounds as if you’re on the free plan?

What’s your site type ? Ecommerce or blog like dynamic content or Static Content

There are cases when turning the orange cloud on harms performance. It’s not a panacea. If you don’t need the security and other benefits the said orange cloud provides, you can just turn it off and thus only use Cloudflare’s DNS service.

Yes, we are using a free plan. If we update to PRO, would these speeds down be solved?

It’s an ecommerce dynamic content (has a blog). Ir’s

We need the cloudflare speed performance. Most of our customers are from USA, but we have customers from UK and Australia, and that’s why whe think that a CDN would help to us.

Use wp rocket
Use object cache
Use vps server
Use Argo smart routing
Use rail gun

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Keep in mind that CF is not a true CDN. Hence, it boosts performance in some cases and it doesn’t (or even harms it) in others. No speed benefit is guaranteed. In my experience, if your hosting setup is already decently thought-out and optimized, then CF will likely harm the performance of your website.

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