Site slower with Argo

What is happening? This a problem! Without Argo my site is faster than with argo!

This is my second month using argo. Please Help me. What i do? Disable argo?

Average response time with argo: 571ms

Average response time without argo: 369ms.

Ps: This is not the first time.

I don’t use Argo myself. But where is your traffic predominantly located geography wise ? Cloudflare doesn’t free, pro and business plans don’t have edge locations for China and Australian traffic so maybe that is why ?

maybe Argo analytics should also report the mean, min and max response time and not just average ?

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My predominantly traffic is from Brazil. My server is Brazilian. This problem is happening with my traffic from portugal.

Lisbon, Portugal (LIS)
Percent Improvement -43.90%

There’s not always a better/faster route through Cloudflare’s network. Sometimes the best route can be the public internet. So in this instance it appears that the public internet is faster… by default I believe we go with a 90-10 split to test routes (we’ll route 10% of traffic over alternate routes to see if we can find a faster route). If those routes aren’t faster than you’d see a negative split for that traffic. Since you’re at slightly higher than 10% of traffic that could mean it is a relatively low amount of traffic or that for a small period of time/ a small percentage of traffic there was a faster route.

@eva2000 yes, we should probably add more statistics and it;'s something that is being worked on/ tested. It’s an interesting problem to display data in ways that are most meaningful and which best represent the overall performance impact as seen by the average user.

In this case for the same domain in the last 48 hours I’d argue the statistics have flipped the opposite direction at a global level (will let the OP share them if they wish) but still by region there is variance with one being ~= -34% and the other ~= +70%. Obviously in the -34% we send very little traffic over argo while in the other region we send a great deal of it.

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Would Argo ever get to the point that a end user can drill down to past historical route decisions and be able to set themselves if that particular route can go via Cloudflare network vs public network ? or is that the kind of decision Cloudflare can do automatically behind the scenes ? So if past 6 months a particular route would be faster via public network 75% of the time, then end user could set that route/visitors to use public instead of Cloudflare ?

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I’m not sure if that is something that is being explored, but I’ll pass it along to the Argo folks for consideration.


Cheers Ryan :slight_smile:

Same here, load time increased by about 30% with Argo. Wondering if its really worth. Is there anyhing CF would like to say?

I’d recommend opening a ticket with support along with information about how you’re testing and the results from those tests. Based on the information I see for your account the ttfb for requests to origin have been faster with argo then without (with a large percentage of the requests using Argo’s smart routing rather than the public internet).

Yes, also for me. I’ve a website developed in Wordpress (I’ve also build the theme) and with Argo I experienced a major slowdown in navigation.

Setup another CNAME and disable the HTTP Proxy CDN feature there, directing to the name of your Argo Tunnel (Argo Tunnel alias however can still have HTTP Proxy CDN enabled)

Now routes via closest servers within Australia etc… I am only using the PRO plan.