Site slower after signing up to Cloudflare Pro

Upgraded to Cloudflare Pro today after testing the site for a couple of weeks on the free version. Speed were better but Pro offered up to 38% increase in speed. after leaving the site settle and optimised now for over 12 hours I come back to check the site speeds and they are nearly 40% slower.
The speed test within Cloudflare says 11% faster with Cloudflare but then clearly shows screen shots of the site still loading seconds after the none Cloudflare version has finished.
Optimising the website and setting up Cloudflare appears to be a pint and guess. After making the changes suggested the site actually gets slower and the styles start to break.
Perhaps there is a conflict with the existing site but only guess work trying to resolve issues.
site is get go fone
Could do with a bit of help resolving this.


May I ask what tools have you used to test?

Moreover, have you tried and enabled Polish and Mirage options?

What about Cloudflare Browser Cache TTL and do you have Cache Standard or Cache Everything using a combination of Page Rules?

What about Minify options - CSS, HTML, JS?

Is Rocket Loader option being enabled?

As far as I see, you are using WordPress right?
Any WordPress caching plugin installed?
I am not 100% sure, but there is an option Cloudflare APO for WordPress which I believe could help you with this.

Hi @fritexvz Sorry perhaps I was not clear enough.

I tested this on both Cloudflare Speed tab and on Page Speed insites. It is on Cloudflare that says it is 11% faster but then shows the page loading seconds after the original.

After signing up to Cloudflare Pro I also enabled Plish and Mirage options. Browser Cache is also selected with TTL of one year. Also noticed this moring that products are shoing out of stock on some pages and in stock on others. Noticably ok on Google Chrome but not on Safari or Firefox. I have cleared my browser cache but this didn’t fix the issue.
Stock for Google Doorbell when in stock overnight. Show on 3 pages:
Google Brand page
Smart Home page
Shop page
Never had this issue before.

CSS, HTML and JS are set to minify

The site is using WordPress with Woocommerce. I have also installed the Cloudflare plugin.

We also have Hummingbird Plugin enables which also has cache but this has been setup to with Cloudflare.
Is the APO in the Cloudflare plugin?


Just checked in the Cloudflare plugin settings page and found this.
Note: APO runs against the following list of hostnames:


The Cache option was ON. I have now truned OFF to see is that helps.


Yes well, the difference can be with or without www I suppose.

The site is set to always display without www

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