Site slow in cloudflare

hi mate , my website very slow, some time its responding very slow in cloud flare but if i host in GoDaddy its responding fast. please help me to solve this issue.

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Hey, are you from Singapore? I am facing this issue with my website as well. When I disable cloudflare. everything works perfectly.

My customer base is mostly Singapore, and I have received many complaints about slow loading / not being able to load when my Cloudflare is on. I personally couldn’t load in as well unless I connect to VPN.

I believe it’s an error on cloudflare server. hope someone could fix this. For the time being, I am just gonna disable cloudflare until it’s being fixed.

I’ve tried everything the forum suggested. the only way that works for me is to disable cloudflare proxy.

it two facing some issues in site opening , it’s dead slow sometimes.i try to disable the proxy and try for once

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