Site shows SSL license expired but Cloudflare dashboard shows SSL active

My website is

Running on cloudflare. Shows that SSL seal expired on 06/06/2020.
However I am using Cloudflare SSL whoch should renew automatically. What do I do?
I read on another forum that I should disable Disable Universal SSL and enable after 10 minutes. Did that, but doesn’t work.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you

That domain is using Cloudflare DNS, but it is not proxied by Cloudflare. It is directly hitting the GoDaddy name server, and that’s the expired certificate.

Thank you. What do I do?
My IT guy got the virus and unreachable.

You need to set the DNS “A” and/or CNAME records for ‘’ and ‘www’ to :orange:.

You still need to renew your server certificate of course, otherwise you will get a 526 error.

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