Site shows as SSL everywhere except on my work network!

I set up my work’s site a few days ago with basic SSL, and it shows as secure pretty much anywhere but on my network at work.

I have posted my diagnosis link below- everything comes back clean.

I’d like to move to a paid version, but I need to be able to show my boss that little padlock to get him to buy in.

Have you tried clearing your cache / using incognito / inprivate browsing window?

I have cleared cache, flushed DNS, tried incognito mode, all show ‘not secure’.

If I take this same laptop to Panera, or home, or log in from a VPN tunnel to an outside location, it shows as secure.

Do you have access to clear the router cache (or anything else on the network that may be caching it)?

Are you running split brain DNS internally? What IP address is returned for the site if you do a dig or nslookup for it? Compare that to the IP you get outside.


I will look into that- I have access in that I am allowed to, but not in that I have the credentials to in front of me. Thanks for the suggestion!

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I will try to find out. Thanks for the suggestions.

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