Site shows ACTIVE but can't access it

I changed my nameservers and they show they are active in Cloudflare but I still can’t access my site. The WWW A records are propagating but not the HTPS what can be the cause , Bluehost says it is not on their side.

The sire is :slight_smile:

It would appear as if your DNS settings are skewed. There’s no entry for your naked domain at all and your “www” record seems to point to a wrong address.

As far as I can tell your records should point to an IP address ending in 131. Make sure these are correctly set up.

Thanks, the IP is correct in Cloudflare as I have set up one of my other sites this way using the same shared IP address, the Ip ends in 135, that is correct,
Screenshot 2021-05-28 at 09.24.41

All of these point to the IP ending in 131 except localhost?

What do you mean naked domain “HTPS”? Do I need to create that in Cloudflare?

This has nothing to do with HTTPS in the first place, this is a DNS issue. You need an entry for your naked domain ( and fix the www record.

Post a full screenshot of your DNS records.

Will that be safe :slight_smile:

You can delete it afterwards :wink:

That’s what it is. “www” actually is okay, but it points to the naked domain and you do not have a record for that. Add such a record and it should load fine.

Should work fine now

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As mentioned in my previous posting it should already work.

One unrelated thing, you have all your mail related records proxied. That could be an issue. Make sure only records which are exclusively web related are proxied. Everything else should be :grey:.

Perfect, thanks so much :slight_smile:

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