Site showing Not Secure with Cloudflare SSL

My site, is showing as Not Secure. However I have made the switch to Cloudflare and the SSL certificate is active, and there are no mixed content problems. I used WhyNoPadlock and it gave me no suggestions - it said everything is fine.

Please could you advise how to resolve this?

You should have an SSL certificate before adding to Cloudflare. See this tutorial:


“You should install a certificate on your server” - OK thanks. But I have IONOS hosting. How do I do that? Nothing in the tutorial covers IONOS.

That’s a question for IONOS. I believe they provide SSL Certs on all plans, or you could use a Cloudflare Origin Certificate.

Once your origin is available over HTTPS, make sure you use Full (Strict) in your Cloudflare settings, and enable “Always Use HTTPS”.


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