Site showing error 500

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Our website is still down

That is not a 522 error. Please don’t hijack other users’ threads.


Yes, but the problem is related to the cloudflare status from today.

Where to write? cloudlfare does not reply to our email messages.

What makes you think that? Your site shows a 500 Internal Server Error coming from openresty.

Our hosting is not using OpenResty, we have their confirmation and also checked other sites with the same hosting that are not using cloudflare and everything it’s ok

Then there’s some sort of mixup. I suggest you use the Overview tab in the Cloudflare Dashboard and click “Pause Cloudflare on Site”, then wait five minutes to see if your site starts working again.

Thank you.

Yes, now it’s working. Now you think it’s ok to set again enable?

Thank you.

Ok, I’m looking at your site and it’s working since you’ve bypassed Cloudflare. And it’s running on LiteSpeed. With HTTPS. That’s all good.

Go ahead and unpause Cloudflare.

Which SSL mode are you using? It should be Full (Strict).

While you’re working it from your end, open a regular ticket with Support, unless your mail from earlier opened a ticket # in a reply. (If so, then please post the ticket # here)

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Now that it’s back on Cloudflare, I see the 500 error again, but I can’t see any hints as to what server at your end is responding now, such as any LiteSpeed indicators.

The page is also not cached by Cloudflare, so whatever Cloudflare is connecting to, it’s live data.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for Support to watch the connection to see what’s happening.

Please post a Ticket # here as soon as you get one so the mods can get it looked at soon.

Yes, SSL mode is set to full.

Just unpause Cloudflare and again error 500. Our last ticket with no response is #1965319

I will set Cloudflare on pause to have the site online.

It’s for the first time when we have this error and appeared today with the notice from cloudflare status about 5xx

Thank you.

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Same problem, no reply from cloudflare, really disappointed…

There’s always some sort of reply. You mentioned a “last” ticket. Did you open another ticket for the same issue? Maybe @cloonan can check on the ticket status.

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Same ticket, #1965319

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+1, the last one is from Sunday @alcooldiscount where the Engineer asked for some details and asked that you “Please respond with that information as soon as you can so we can continue to work with you to resolve your issue.” If you can take a look at that email again and send in the details the team can take a further look.

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Thank you, I sent reply 8 hours ago, 10:44am Bucharest time…

Sorry, saw it today in spam.

Thank you.

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Hmm, that reply from 8 hrs ago is not showing on the ticket, can you submit it again as a reply to the ticket?

Sure, sent again reply to Eoin

Thank you.

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Hi, I still don’t see the details on the ticket, are you comfortable sharing the details here and I’ll move to the ticket?

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Yes, it’s ok

  1. Now cloudflare is paused for our website We set this in cloudflare account.

  2. when we set to enable we have error 500 openresty.

  3. Our hosting is not using openresty, they said to check with cloudflare because everything it’s ok with the hosting.

  4. It’s for the first time when we have this error and appeared on sunday with the notice from cloudflare status about 5xx

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