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If it’s a static website (no server-side code) you might be able to salvage it from Wayback Machine archives and rehost it somewhere other than GoDaddy

I’ve had good luck using this to recover lost websites from Wayback backups: GitHub - hartator/wayback-machine-downloader: Download an entire website from the Wayback Machine.

When you say you “changed the A records to Cloudflare” do you mean your orange-clouded them (proxying traffic to GoDaddy through Cloudflare) or you actually changed the IP targets to point to Cloudflare IPs?

You can’t just point your DNS records somewhere else and have your site magically hosted there, you’d need to set up the hosting first, and then change the DNS records to point to the new host. And first you’ll need to find backups of your site, either from Wayback Machine or elsewhere.

As for choice of hosting provider, I’d say “literally anybody except GoDaddy”, they’d be my last choice for basically anything, and if they were the only choice for something, I probably wouldn’t do that thing.

Cloudflare Pages is a good option for a static website

However if your site is reliant on server-side code, good luck, as you’d have to try to extract it from GoDaddy.

Either way, chalk it up as a learning experience, be careful who you do business with, and make sure you have backups of everything.

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