Site Security Review Available?

My son created a website for me to host on CF for some people to enroll in a program that I put on each year. Someone is asking if I can attest to the site having a Code Guard Security Review performed and provide them with an executive summary of that review? Can anyone help me understand what the heck they are looking for and possibly suggest something that I could provide to them?

Thank you for your assistance!


Hi there,

I assume they’re referring to Code guard the company.
If you’re looking to check how secure the website is, there are plenty of Website Vulnerability Scanners that can test your website, and plenty for free.

Testing this on our end would likely be a conflict on interests, so test in any way you like, and if you find any vulnerabilities, feel free to come back or open a ticket, and we’ll give you our best advice on how to overcome the issues and protect yourself.

Take care.

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