Site running slow in China

Hey All,

I am a newbie with Cloudflare (free plan for now) and would like to seek some advice on site speed improvement.

I am using Bluehost (GoPro plan, dedicated IP, shared hosting but with a high performance server as they’ve told me) as my hosting provide. I am not sure how much improvement I can get from the server end expect upgrade to a better plan. But I would like to know, if I am ONLY upgrade my Cloudflare plan from Free to Pro ($20/month), does it going to help a lot on the speed? I see there is Image optimizations with Polish™ and Mobile optimizations with Mirage™ option, are those going to help the performance without contact to my hosting server?

My site mainly for mobile user and operates in China, therefore, I am bit of confuse which one should I upgraded a better Cloudflare packages or better server hosting packages.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

I don’t think there’s a speed benefit from Free to Pro. It certainly doesn’t help a lot, if you’re only looking for a big speed improvement.

Polish and Mirage are probably helpful tools for a lot of people, but I disabled them because they slowed down my website. (When I used them, they required extra JavaScript, which for my specific use case gave lower website speed.)

If you’re particularly interested in the China market, keep in mind that a Pro plan does not give access to the China network. It’s true that the network map lists a lot of China POPs, but you need an Enterprise account to take advantage of that (see here).

Sorry for the somewhat pessimistic reply! I also wished more good news for you. :slight_smile: