Site returns 404

Hello. my name is Uche Mbah. I changed the DNS of my domain to cloudflare godaddyand was using the wordpress on it when godaddy pulled my site off for delay in subscription payment. Now I cannot access my site chembahs, though I have a different site started again on the same godaady But they are treating it as a free site aon godaddy sites and I have not been able to use the wordpress which I desperately need to use. I am confused by the whole thing since I am a newbie in these things, and I dont know what to do. can there be any help in restoring my wordpress site?

This sounds like a issue at GoDaddy’s side, I suggest reaching out to their support so they can help you out.

Godaddy claims the fault is because I moved my server to cloudflare, and they cannot help but request I move it back. If I transfer the domain to cloudflare what are the implications? will my site be restored?

I also want to add to this situation. According to my personal experience with Godaddy and Cloudflare when I transfer my name server from Godaddy to Cloudflare my site sometime gives 404 error. I tried to figure out the problem with Godaddy but according to them my website is managed by Cloudflare and they can’t help me until I transfer my name server back to Godaddy itself. But all I did this just because of a free SSL Certificate.

I think that is exactly my situation. How did you solve the problem?

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