Site returning 000 and Acquia cloud reported 404 at the same time

I have a Drupal 8 website running on Acquia cloud platform and this site is protected by Cloudflare. All the requests are going through Cloudflare to Acquia cloud origin server. The site is throwing 404 issues on certain pages at a random time and this issue is very hard to reproduce because this happens only on prod and we do not have Cloudflare in lower environments.

In order to quickly fix this issue, We have a custom monitoring script in place that purges the varnish cache whenever we encounter 404 on certain pages. We have 3 layers of caching.

  1. The first layer (Drupal default caching - timeout 5 min)
  2. Varnish cache (Provided by Acquia)
  3. Cloudflare cache

After clearing varnish cache this issue is resolved.

Recently the monitor script reported that HTTP status code returned by the homepage of the site is 000. By looking at Stackoverflow I came to know that 000 status code is related to network error

At the same time, Acquia reported 404, 408 and 0 status code on the homepage. This was reported by acquia’s uptime, automated monitoring tool. But when I look for the logs in Acquia at the error time, I am not able to find the 404 entries in logs. So I am not sure if this issue is at Cloudflare level or at Acquia level.

Can somebody guide me what can be the issues?

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