Site Removed From Cloudflare But Having DNS Issues

I add a Wordpress website to Cloudflare but removed it and changed my nameservers back to my web host on Godaddy. A couple of weeks went by and suddenly I started getting an error that the server IP address could not be found.

I submitted a support ticket to my web host and this is what they said: “the site is passing through Cloudflare. I’m not sure the traffic is reaching the server end. While loading the site directly from the server, it is loading without any issues. Looks like Cloudflare is blocking the connection.” I don’t have the Cloudflare plugin on my site so I’m not sure why my site is still passing through Cloudflare.

Any suggestions?

Yes, I pointed them back a couple of weeks ago so it is strange that Cloudflare would be blocking the site. I checked my nameservers on Godaddy again just to be sure something had not happened. They are pointing to my web host.

The site is

There’s a problem at the registrar. You’ll have to contact them.

Thanks, I’ll contact them.

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