Site redirects only in mobile

Hi there! My first time here! And I count on you!

Something really weird is going on and nobody could help me so far.
When I access my site using a cellphone it’s redirected to to a sub-domain I created for another purpose.
It was working fine, but now I can’t figure out how to solve it.

My site is
Can anyone help me fix this issue?

Thank you!

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Hi @rogerio.peixoto,

Under ‘Speed’ in your Cloudflare dashboard, do you have ‘Mobile Redirect’ enabled?


Hi @rogerio.peixoto, do you have a mobile redirect set up on the optimization tab of the speed app on the Cloudflare dashboard?

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I said it first, you just typed faster!


I have just seen it, and Yes! It’s checked, but I don’t remember having done it myself.
Unchecked now and my site is back!
Thank you very much!


Well. I answered him first 'cause he’s the first name with a reply here. Sorry!

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