Site redirecting to https very slowly

(using commas instead of periods cause I’m new user and can’t write more than two links in one post)

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
site turning from white screen to actual site super slow if I just type in “dksdroner,ga”

I’m using this software:
infinityfree for hosting, wordpress for site building, Cloudflare for protection, sslforfree,com for ssl certificate, and Safari and Chrome browser

Additional information:
when I just type in “”, it redirects to “” as it should, but the it takes a very long time to fill in the “https://www.” part. I have tried to paste in “”, and the site redirects to “” as it should, fine and fast, and loads without problems.

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Can you try enabling “always use HTTPS” in the SSL/TLS app? This will have Cloudflare redirect your website to HTTPS instead of the software at your origin server.

i have turned off Cloudflare ssl, I do not know if that is the reason, but I do not have the option to automatically redirect to https. But while in Cloudflare, I noticed I had two redirects for my site in page rules. Having deleted one of them, the site works totally fine. But thanks for making me look at it :smiley:

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and btw thanks for super quick response :+1: :


Your nameservers point to Cloudflare, but your site is not proxied but points straight to your server. None of the settings on Cloudflare will take effect therefore. So whatever makes it slow is on your server.

my site bugs out if my site goes through Cloudflare :disappointed:

In which way? there shouldn’t be any actual difference to the user going thorough CF or not.

OK it works again, I was stupid :facepalm: it once didn’t work, and I should have checked it again before wasting your time. Sorry :grimacing:

Now it does point to Cloudflare.

yes, I just changed it

and now it stopped working again

Again, it is going directly to your server. Do you keep switching the proxy status?

I can access it, however there actually seems to be a geographical issue with your server ->

Are you blocking certain countries?

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