Site points to wrong location!

Dear colleagues,

Sorry if I’m missing something!

My domain (entity, responds normally when I inform the Mochahost NS.
However, when after the Cloudflare detects the dns and configuralos automatically, it switches to point to some other location, not my page in the MOCHA host.

I got in touch with the support of the mocha, who informed me that I could not do anything, the fault was in the Cloudflare.

The scheme looks like this:
“REGISTRO.BR” (ns: Cloudflare) -> “Cloudflare (RECORD “A” TO my site MOCHA”).

This worked like a charm on the IPAGE, but I can not make it work on the mocha!

Everything is correct, in the NS the IP, Page …

Can anyone give me a light? (free Cloudflare).

Thank you!

Whats the domain and which nameservers were you given by Cloudflare?

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Dear Sandro, Thanks for the reply!



Unfortunately, in an attempt to put my website up, on the new server, “mocha”, I delete the Cloudflare domain, but I’m interested in using it yet if I can solve the problem!

Thank you very much!

Well, you first need to set the Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar. They currently still point to your host.

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