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i have a problem with my site I am getting performance issues especially when loading images it takes a very long time ( the Waiting (TTFB) is taking so long, cf-cache-status is dynamic). When i disable cloudflare proxy the site is loading as usual. When there are 16 images on the page around 1 or 2 takes a very long time.

What can i do in order to have the site loading fast again. This is since 2 days and i didn’t changed anything on the site.

Sorry if i used the morehelp tag to early.

Thanks for helping

Cloudflare by default caches images and delivers them by its cache. So you must have done something that sets the cachability of some pictures to not cachable and therefore the header to “dynamic”.

For example:

(not cached!)

It’s the very same picture under a different link and still the one that ends with “*_default.jpg” is not cachable, while the one that ends with “*_2.jpg” is cached. Chances are that you have a PageRule that prevents that, or your server is setting some “no cache” headers that makes the file uncachable for Cloudflare.

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