Site Payment System #2

This is the 2nd topic I opened regarding the same problem An answer was given to the topic before, the answer was as follows @bujangnim had replied
To address the issue with your payment system not functioning properly, it’s essential to investigate the root cause. A common reason for integration failures is when incoming traffic triggers a rule within the Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF). You can begin investigating this by navigating to your dashboard and accessing Security > Events. Then, search for specific characteristics of your payment system, such as the User Agent, IP address, or ruleset that might be blocked by the firewall.

Once you identify the triggering factors, you can create a custom rule to exempt your payment system from the WAF, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

I researched the problem and realized that I was having such a problem when Under Attack Mode was on. Under Attack Mode is on at the last level. How can I fix this without turning off Under Attack Mode?

You cannot. UAM is not intended to be enabled all the time. It is an emergency tool for use in stopping an overwhelming attack. It will invariably break site functionality when enabled. This is described in the documentation.

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