Site only working with proxy disabled

Hi, thank you for all the suggestions. I had the same issue yesterday with my website I turned off the proxied and it now works fine. I wonder if I should be taking the same steps you described or is it something else?

What happens when you turn the proxy on?


Looking at the other thread, you originally responded to, it seems a unclear to me what part of it you use, to declare it the “same issue”.

What exact error code(s)/message(s) you see?

Due to the missing clarity as mentioned above, I would suggest that you start with this:


Can you please head over to and check your current SSL/TLS encryption mode?

If it is currently set to Flexible, then switch to Full (Strict).


When I turn on the proxy, the website does not load and I receive the Error 524 message.

I understood that this issue may be similar, though I am very open to suggestions.

I checked the SSL/TLS and it is set to Full.

Have you read through this Tutorial

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I have no idea what you’re trying to either tell me or show me with that screenshot.

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I am trying to share the information I have the best way I can to respond to your questions.

I understood that you were supposed to help me as a part of the community forum. If you cannot help me, you can say so politely.
At this time, your responses come across as rude and disrespectful.

In case you do not see it in previous responses, here is the message I sent with the screenshot:

Thanks, yes I have.

The website is hosted on google cloud and they advised that the server seems fine from their side. The person I spoke with pointed towards Cloudflare as a possible source of difficulty in this case: if the site loads without it and does not load with it on.

I see the point, though I understand that it may be more complex than that.

I am attaching a couple of screenshots with CPU and RAM, and other metrics from my cyberpanel and google cloud. What do you think?

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Thanks, sounds good.

While it is true that many people here want to help, it is important to remember that other than the Cloudflare employees who have Cloudflare logos visibly adorning the border of their avatars, everyone here is a Cloudflare user just like yourself. One thing we all have in common is the use of Cloudflare.

We may not know your hosting platform. This means that sharing an arbitrary screenshot of its management interface and some performance gauges isn’t going to contain the same clarity of messaging to others that it does to you.

Generally, once the problem is identified as being with your hosting platform, the next step is to engage with their support to resolve your issues. This may be via the platform’s direct support if they have such an offering, or it could be through their Community. Those resources will be better equipped to advise how to best configure and manage their own platform.

In your case you have both your VPS on Google Cloud and your Cyberpanel in play in top of any standard elements in the underlying OS that is running on your VPS. I would probably start with the Cyberpanel resources. In searching their Community for Cloudflare 524 :search:, the following topics appeared to have some relevant guidance pertaining to response times in excess of 100 seconds.


Thank you for the clarification and suggestions. This is helpful. I will take a look in that direction.