Site only working on Chrome, using opera shows 403 error

I added my site “” ADULT CONTENT

It loads when I use chrome but firefox and opera are showing 403 erros, how can I fix this?

Have you tried to clear Web browser cache on your Opera Browser?

Moreover, if using Opera, is the “VPN” option enabled or disabled?

When I tested it, I got redirected from HTTPS to HTTP and while testing with the website does not open (due to Cloudflare Family DNS - malware and adult protection).

Loads fine at my end when testing from, and this Website is on HTTP despite the fact the domain has been pointed to Cloudflare nameservers, but not using HTTPS (SSL).

I believe from my point of view, it works.

What is the other issue you have?

If they appear, it should be on the host/origin server, not an Cloudflare error.

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