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I had subscribed to a business plan and setup our domain (but yet pointed our NS to Cloudflare so it should have been inactive).

We tried to go live with our website hosted on WPEngine this morning but ended up with a 1xxx Error DNS points to a prohibited IP Address error I think as it seems WPEngine are also using cloudflare it decided to conflict with our cloudflare account even though the Name servers were not pointing at clourflare. The only way to get the site live was to delete the site from Cloudflare.

Is it possible to have a website on WPEngine and a Cloudflare business account at the same time?

I believe you had correlation not causation. Cloudflare won’t use settings from a domain unless it is active. Even when it is active there is nothing that precludes using Cloudflare if you are a WPEngine customer.

Thanks cscharff it certainly does seem unbelievable however let me present additional evidence - on WPEngine I could not get the DNS to validate for over an hour but I could see in MX Toolbox that our Name Servers were providing the correct IP’s and in full clutching at straws I went into just try adding the DNS record into the inactive Cloudflare (had been active a few days earlier), WPEngine picked it up instantly, suggesting there is some relationship.

I suspect somewhere internally Cloudflare is checking it’s own records first, ignoring whether the domains NS are pointing at it. Also the IP Address which WPEngine provides for an A record seems to be a Cloudflare IP and it further seems that Cloudflare does not like it when one account points to another account (we had this scenario earlier in the week where we tried to our our own CF account to point to our Webhost provider who was also behind CF it gave us the same Restricted IP error)

I also found this Cloudflare article that talks about Entrepise cloudflare and WPEngine (but we are an SME) suggesting a connection too.

Finally originally when I added our domain to CF, I was not able to upgrade my account as CF had put a block on the domain (which we own and have NS control over) because of some issue on the account which our account was on even though the only relationship with that entity is we were a customer.

Really hoping I am wrong on all this but having spend 2400 on CF and a good chunk on WPEngine nearly can’t believe we can’t use both because they are partners - does any of that make sense?

Is there anyone from Cloudflare support on this forum that can comment/assist? We have a Cloudflare business account but as I had to delete the domain the support option has disappeared too.

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