Site on one server / email from another server; changing MX records here doesn't change the outcome


My website works from a server and the emails work from another server on IP {redacted}

As per the email troubleshooter Email Troubleshooting, I added A record for mail to point to {redacted}. I also added age MX records as well. However, my email server still points to Yandex (It was setup like that in Cloudflare but I deleted all the Yandex related records in Cloudflare). Could it still have cached the old DNS records. Please advise.

You can see the settings in attached screenshot.

Ugur {redacted}

Hi @uguven,

Thanks for checking the email tutorial.

Where are you seeing the Yandex records? I checked locally and on DNSChecker and the MX record points to your mail hostname and that IP.


When I test the email server I get the following result and can send email but not receive
% dig +short


Its been solved thank you. It seems Cloudflare DNS changes take long time to propagate.

It was showing the correct record for me when you first posted. Most likely the DNS response was cached locally on your end.

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