Site offline after moving domain to new CloudFlare account

My site was working fine earlier today, but after moving it from one Cloudflare account to another Cloudflare account, it stopped working.

At first I made the mistake of letting Cloudflare auto-detect DNS settings, not realizing that this would result in a lot of A-records pointing at Cloudflare IP addresses, instead of CNAME records and a proxied A-record.
This meant that when accessing the site, it just returned a “Restricted IP address” error.

I then deleted all the A-records, and created a new proxied @ A-record with my servers IP address, and a CNAME record for www pointing at @

But now, even hours later, the site just times out when trying to open the site.
The server IS running, since it’s hosting other sites, and these sites are responding.
Just to make sure, I even tried rebooting the server - no change.

The DNS for the site is configured exactly like my other sites, only the domain name is different.
The domain only needs the A-record, the www CNAME record and some MX records, which it has when I look at the DNS control panel.

I can’t figure out where the problem is or what I can do to fix it :frowning:

Hope someone can help me!

Weird, after hours of downtime, it is how apparently online again, 4 minutes after posting this.
Hope it lasts!

I figured it out - It was the SSL setting that was wrong, it was set to Full, when it should have been set to Flexible :slight_smile:

I knew it wasn’t the server, even though the error page kept insisting it was.

Would strongly recommend against this.


For the site in question, Flexible is perfectly fine.
There is no financial transactions, there is no login, there is only information available, nothing else.

In fact, unencrypted would be fine too, in this case, but browsers frown at unencrypted sites these days, so the Flexible option is an easy way to shut them up.


It’s not. The linked articles are quite clear on that.

Absolutely fine, switch the encryption mode to Off and you are good to go.