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Hello, I’m Brazilian… so my English can be a bit strange.

This is my first time using Clouflare’s server, I configured everything correctly and published my page on wordpress, but when I check… a screen appears with the theme as if nothing had been published.

I would like to know how to revert and fix this problem.

I will be grateful for the help!

Bem-vindo à Comunidade Cloudflare. :logodrop:

If you are able to share the domain, you can get more detailed answers. If you haven’t already, you may want to start by pausing Cloudflare and making sure that everything is loading correctly over HTTPS.

The issue is an indication of a stale cache: essentially something has cached the default WordPress installation for guests (users who are not logged-in), so the newly-published content isn’t showing on the homepage for them.

Cloudflare doesn’t cache full-page HTML by default. So unless you’ve specifically configured full-page caching, then the stale cache will likely exist downstream – either by a WordPress caching plugin or by the WordPress hosting provider.

You need to identify where this full-page caching is happening and manually flush the cache. If nothing sticks out, you may need to examine the HTTP response header. And if you still come out dry, please provide the address of the site in question so we can take a look for you.

Good luck!


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