Site off line after change DNS to Cloudflare

I changed the DNS from the host site to Cloudflare and received an e-mail from Cloudflare stating that: “You have successfully activated”

However, since this change the URL is now showing server IP address could not be found. This site can’t be reached. Basically, the site is off-line.

Would welcome any advice regarding this. Thank you

You havent configured a www record in your DNS settings.

I appreciate the reply Sandro, thank you.
Not quite sure what you mean or how to achieve “configure a www record in your DNS settings”.
I followed the instructions and used DNS
The message from Cloudflare states: You have successfully activated
At a loss how to proceed.

You have changed the nameservers, but thats only one part. You also need to configure each DNS host you want to resolve to some address.

Check out the DNS section in the control panel and it should be clear.

Thank you for your time in replying sandro.

I couldn’t figure out how to add the C/Name, so I deleted the record and changed the DNS at the registrar back to the originals.

You could have simply added an A record pointing to your IP address. A CNAME should have pointed to “@”.

Hi @emails2steven, I see your name servers as still pointing to Cloudflare. That’s good as that is the first step.

When you login to Cloudflare and select the DNS tab, you’ll see an area of the page that looks like what is shown on the bottom of this page,

  1. For CNAME, select CNAME from the drop down on left, enter www as the name and @ as the value. The value will display as “is an alias of”, click Add record.

  2. For the A record, in the same area of the screen, select A from the record type drop down, enter as the name and enter the IP address of your origin server. From your Audit logs, it looks like you have that ip address, if not, your hosting provider can tell you.

Thank you cloonan,

I deleted all the data. I plan to have another go tomorrow and start again from zero.

Originally CName was shown, but I didn’t think it was relevant, so I deleted it, actually made a mess of it all.

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I tried to get all the records working but still having issues.

Is there a way to delete the entire record and start again, when all the data is added automatically?

Ideas welcome, thank you.

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