Site note showing with "www"

Hi, For some reason my website doesn´t work wit “www” but it works fine without. I tried to find a answer and I think there might be something wrong with my dns records but I don´t know what is wrong and how to fix it.

(sorry for any mistakes english isn´t my first language)


Thank you for asking.

Under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard, you should have A www pointed to the IP address or rather CNAME type of the DNS record.

If not, then you’re missing the one and could experience the issue as you’re describing that a your domain name (website without “www”) doesn’t open anymore, despite the transition or DNS propagation process.

Kindly, I’d suggest you below articles for start and double-checking your DNS records.

There is also a way to just use www as a redirect to non-www or vice-versa, if interested:

Please, feel free to write back.

Nevertheless, possibly you already do have a www, however the error you’re experiencing might indicate the “www” record is pointed to the wrong IP address.

Furthermore, without knowing your domain name we cannot assist further from here.

Okey so currently my DNS records are looking like that. So is the last one with cname and www somehow wrong?

I saw you are pointing your cname record www to a cdn ( Make sure you point your cname to a resolvable target.

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