Site not working without www

Hi. When I visit my site ( the site isn’t working. But when I use It’s working. How can I fix this? These are my DNS settings:


Can anyone help me fix this, please?

Hi. You should redact your IPs in this screenshot as security measure :zipper_mouth_face:

Also, I’m unable to connect to your site using either domain, or the IP for that matter.

While writing this, I receive a 1016 error for the ‘www’ domain

Additionally, you should grey cloud :grey: your mail and ftp records. Here’s some more info on that


Looks like there is something wrong at the origin.

At the time both domains are working with and without www.
The problem is they are using a self-signed SSL certificate.


How can I fix this?

Follow this link.

Same issue with but it works when used as

You have no DNS record doe the root aka @ There is only a record for www.

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Ryan, Could you help me, I’ve done everything and my domain does not work without “www” see the attachments, you look at me and see if they are correct?bvdfab

You have 5 different records for your root domain. 4 of the 5 point to the same IP address and the root is not configured to route through Cloudflare so are you sure you have it pointed to the right place? None of the Ip addresses listed for your root are the same as the IP address that your www resolves to either, so it’s unclear where it should point.

But at the moment since Cloudflare is just resolving DNS it looks to be a problem with where you’re trying to direct the traffic.

Should people who visit your domain without the www be redirected to the www version of the site?

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I’m new at it, I have done everything I could do more does not work, my site only works with ‘WWW’, see the changes I made it right?

geonesantos Today at 15:14

Hello friend, look what the site where my web site is hosted, so that my site works with or without the “www” !! ??

(In the control panel of the company where you registered your domain, open the DNS zone editor and point the main domain (without www) to IP (type A).) In doing so, Iluria will automatically redirect your domain without www for the domain with www, which should be set to primary.)

what am I doing wrong?

Greetings there, i’ve been experiencing this same issue since yesterday where the ‘www’ resolves and the other doesn’t. I imported the DNS Records from a Zone BIND file.

Example domain is

If you use some Page Rules to SSL and/or Automatic HTTPS Rewrites, you need to set Flexible and On respectively.