Site not working from Iowa

I had an employee who lives is Iowa report that they get a blank page when accessing our web site at It seems to work for people in other locations.

When I test it with Cloudflare speed tests, it works except when I pick Iowa as where to run the test from.


Hey that sounds very strange, it appears to work for me all the way here down in Australia. A blank page without any error message sounds like its coming from your host. I would ask your employee to take a look at the network requests that are being made when they visit the website

Thank you so much for the quick response. I will do that. I would have assumed it is an issue on my employee’s side, except for the fact that the Cloudflare test fails as well.

But them checking the network requests is a great idea. Thanks!

So we solved it but not sure exactly what was going wrong. Their network requests looked fine. It worked if they disabled browser caching, but not if caching was enabled, even if they cleared the cache.

Also strange is that my Iowa employee and Cloudflare (from the Iowa testing location) reporting the site was down, but everything else reported it was fine, including other people in Iowa and all other Cloudflare testing locations.

In the end I cleared all caches on the server side: Nitropack, Kinsta, and Cloudflare, and now the Iowa issue has gone away.