Site not working few computers

Some computers can’t connect to my website if it’s linked to Cloudflare, but some computers can still access it normally. but when I turn off proxy in DNS management and use ssl let encrypt on host, or stop associated with Cloudflare. all connections are normal
can anyone help me this issue.

Yes Definitely ,

What’s your domain ?

If you off proxy Cloudflare will stop Protecting the Specific Website and also whatever sub domains associated with this domain also not working

Hi @unistam ,

Thanks for sharing the domain here

I am able to see your website and it’s loading fine

Yes, but in some computers it’s not working, when I turn off the proxy or pause the Cloudflare it works fine, in those computers too

No , that shouldn’t happen , have you tried from different browser?

Yes tried in different network and also different computer and browsers too not working in few specific computers

I also removed cache from my computer by fludns command also not working

Sorry but I’m really not familiar with this .

Thanks for your messages bro

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Do they receive an error? If so what is the error message?

No just getting screen as Site can’t be reached


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@unistam are you seeing the issue in the screenshot ?

Yes, same error

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