Site not working after changing DNS 24 hours ago

I listed 3 websites.

But, none of them are working now after changing DNS.
Tried contacting hosting providers as well.

In Cloudflare, SSL status: active

But, still issue not resolved.
Can someone help?

That appears to be an error page from your origin server. Have your hosting provider confirm the server is listening on port 443 for your site and/or try setting the SSL connection to flexible on the SSL tab until they get that working.

I confirmed with them.
They assured me that site is working properly on their temporary url. I have attached a screenshot link which my hosting provider provided me for your reference as well.

It is specifically for

Yes I am sure it works fine on http, but it is not listening on https for your site. You can change your SSL settings to Flexible in Cloudflare and then it will work, however the communication between Cloudflare and your origin won’t be secure.

If you want that to be secure ask them to properly configure your site to listen on port 443 as well. If you visit and proceed throguh the warning you will see you get the same error you see through Cloudflare.

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