Site not work without www

Why my site is not open without the www


Not open:
Not open:

Show This Msg,

Error 525

Ray ID: 682a1dcc9c6d4ab0 •2021-08-22 06:41:36 UTC

SSL handshake failed

Does your website work in HTTPS before you add Cloudflare?

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Yes Also work in CloudFlare but now I have not been working for three or four days

For starters, pause Cloudflare under the Overview tab, wait for few minutes and see whether you have issues while accessing your website in HTTPS.

showing this after CloudFlare pause

This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.


  • Checking the connection


In that case you need to check with your host to sort that out.

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I torn off the domain redirect Option on my host to and now my site is working properly,
Thank you

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Is your encryption mode on Cloudflare “Full Strict”?


Yes (FullStrict) mode

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