Site Not Work With WWW


here is my Cloudflare setting screenshot

when i will try to open my website with www then it will not work please check screenshot

How to solve the issue?


You don’t have any record set for www

Those other CNAMEs aren’t working, either.

If you scroll down a bit on that DNS screen, does it tell you your Cloudflare Name Servers are arch and heather?

p.s. Gimme a minute after you get this worked out to tell you about :orange: not working for FTP or mail.

Here is www record

Sorry my bad. Then do what @sdayman said

Keeeep scrolling…

p.s. Oh…those NS records don’t count. You don’t need them since Cloudflare already auto-sets those for your domain.

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Well, that looks right. Dunno why those CNAME records aren’t resolving. Did you cut and paste them, or did you hand-type them in? I suggest you delete them, then hand type each one back in (in case there were weird hidden characters mixed in there).

Worst case, use an “A” record for them instead with the IP address. It’s what I’d do, rather than use CNAMES for those.

i’m using default setting for Cloudflare i didn’t cut paste anything only i copied NS and pasted them in my domain. May be i can’t understand what are you trying to say can you explain me with screenshot that what changes you are asking me to do ??

Change those CNAME records to “A” records, like below:

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thanks for helping now working fine.

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Hi Dear Sir/Madam,

is there any option to redirect all traffic www to non www???

i mean if some one visit my site then they are redirect ???



Hi Sandro,

i can’t understand there tutorials if have any option so please tell me?


Whats there not to understand? You open that section and have a look at the ten-ish entry. It cant be much easier.


Hi sandro,

thanks for helping got it.

No problem. Sorry for having been relatively monosyllabic but that question is quite common and @domjh put a lot of effort into these tutorials, so I believe that should be honoured without too much elaborating on it :slight_smile:

I hope everything is clear about that tutorial. Setting up that redirect is pretty simple, you need the proxied dummy www record and the page rule - thats it.