Site not uploaded

can someone help me why I cant open my site, i migrated this from infinityfree to cloudflare
is my ipv4 setup corectly
please help

\thank you

You can’t have done that because Cloudflare is not a host.

This error message comes straight from your host and needs to be fixed there I am afraid. It would be best to pause Cloudflare at this point, fix whatever needs fixing and make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS, and only then unpause Cloudflare.

Also, double check your DNS records, so that they really point to the right server.

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They probably mean their DNS settings. But I agree that it looks like their new host site is not properly set up.

Possibly - and yet, still something only the host can “fix” :slight_smile:

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@romantovy59, if you expected that

You’ll most likely have the wrong IP address and a broken SSL setup. Once more → host + fix aforementioned DNS records.

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