Site not showing without www. (can only use CNAME)

I’ve got a landingpage in ActiveCampaign. When I rename the page to index, it should be able to function like a root page. In ActiveCampaign, I don’t have an IP adres to direct to, only CNAME address.

This works fine if you put www. in front. Without it, it doesn’t show a page.

ActiveCampaign told me to use Cloudflare, as they are the only ones that can do this with CNAMEs.

So I changed the nameservers and all works well, just not without www.

These are my settings. Any suggestions to fix the issue? Thanks!

Maybe a few reasons…

  1. Maybe your Active Campaign site is set to service, but not
  2. Maybe Active Campaign requires a visible CNAME - although Cloudflare allows you to enter a CNAME for the apex domain, when queried it can only return an A or AAAA response to comply with the requirement that there must be an A/AAAA record for the apex domain.

The easiest option is to set up a redirect on Cloudflare to redirect to To do this…

Delete the CNAME for and replace with a proxied A record pointing to

Then set up a redirect here…

…by copying this example (just change the hostnames)…

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This works! Thank you very much!!

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