Site not showing secure yet

How long till my sight shows secure?

It should pop up instantly. If you’re not installing the Certificate on your Server then please select the Flexible Certificate under the Cloudflare Dashboard Crypto.

Keep in mind that traffic between Cloudflare and the origin remains unencrypted with ‘Flexible’ SSL.


The same issue with me as well, The site dint turn up to secure yet as I have done all the basic steps.

Hi @jcmarshall2 and @mail2kbfoods,

Are you able to share the domain names in question so we can take a look.

Also, as @MarkMeyer said, you may wish to read Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice

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I’m dumber than a rock so any advice I give you ought to be great (because my stuff IS showing up as secure thanks to Cloudflare).

Here’s what I did, do as neonic stated, set SSL/TLS to FLEXIBLE (top entry), then scoot on down to ALWAYS USE HTTPS and set to ON

Opportunistic and Onion are ON for me but I don’t think it matters. All I can tell you is that regardless of whether my webpages in the server were http or later when I renamed them all to https, Cloudflare simply works it all out.

If you are messing with the certificate, lots of luck, that road dropped me for a loop last year (it’s a science) LOL

good luck

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Thank you Springfield… That did the trick.


@jcmarshall2, as @MarkMeyer already mentioned, your site is still insecure in this case.


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