Site not resolving, or receiving 504 when using A and SRV record

Hello, I don’t have any records other than an A record with a name pointed towards my proxy server IP, and an SRV record pointed towards that A record name.
My proxy server is setup running Nginx and works when accessing the IP directly with both the port the SRV record is using as well as the standard port 80, but with those two records it’s not resolving and leading me to Cloudflare responding with a gateway time-out (504).

I’ve tried using both UDP and TCP for my SRV record and neither work, I’m just wondering if I could have possibly misconfigured something especially considering I can access the proxy server’s IP directly just fine.

A ( -> IP
SRV ->

What is the SRV record for? It probably doesn’t do anything.

The timeout could well be because your server only listens on port 80. If your server doesn’t support https, you need to set SSL in Cloudflare to off.

This could easily be tested if you shared your actual domain, assuming the DNS record is unproxied.

My server is listening on the default port 80 just to test if Nginx is connecting, which it is, but it’s also listening on port 30120 which is also connecting just not when trying to access through my domain, in which my A record is indeed proxied. I did setup my Nginx server with an origin certificate which seemed to work fine, could this perhaps be the issue though?

Edit: Disabling SSL/TLS does resolve through the domain to port 80, what would be my steps for allowing SSL/TLS?

Is that on port 80 or 443? It won’t work on port 80. HTTPS should use port 443.

I never actually verified on the browser side whether it allowed my connection to be encrypted other than the certificate being accepted by my server, maybe it never worked. Currently it’s only accessible through port 80 as port 443 is raising the security issue

This would probably be an easy fix if you shared your actual domain, IP address and Nginx configuration.

If you don’t want to share the IP publicly, you can also send it via a private message.

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Will do