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Hi! I hope performance is the right category. I have migrated my primary business site and am forwarding my old site to this new one. I canceled my Cloudflare subscription for the old site before forwarding tit via GoDaddy. It’s been more than 24 hours and the forwarding continue to time out on Firefox, Chrome and Safari, as well as using data on my iPhone. I checked my new site on Geopeeker and learned it also is having problems. It renders in Ireland and Australia, partially in Virginia and not at all in CA, Singapore or Brazil. The old site is not rendering in any location.

I opened a support ticket on this yesterday and have not had a resolution - indeed, it feels as if my query is being dismissed.

Happy to share the URLs if someone can help! I manage my own sites and know enough/am clever generally to get by, although I’m not tech savvy.

In advance, I appreciate your support!

Could you share the ticket numbere here with us, just in case if it got automatically closed, so we could escalated it? :thinking:

Kindly, do so so we could double-check, troubleshoot and provide some feedback at least.

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Thanks for your reply! The first ticket was closed before it was resolved so I opened a second, 2534497, which is in process now. With respect to the forwarding of one of my sites the agent appears to be ignoring the details I’ve mentioned rather than fully considering them. This site was on Cloudflare until Sunday, when I cancelled it and forwarded it via GoDaddy to my other site on Cloudflare. I’m wondering if the issue may have something to do with this… I’ve forwarded before with GoDaddy and haven’t had any problems. The process is pretty straight forward and simple - and I’ve been on the phone with them 3 times to check it’s not on their end. Again, happy to give URL details if you will look into it. I appreciate your help!

Thank you! The redirect is now working for me on Firefox, but not on Safari or Chrome. I’ve cleared the history for all. I’m wondering if it’s a strange timing thing or if there’s some way to clear the cache for the site being redirected. I used to do this when it was here on Cloudflare and that helped with issues with updates. (Not sure why I had to do it though.) brandcitizenship is the site being redirected to annebahrthompson. Both are .com. I had a message that I couldn’t include links in the post :wink:

Thank you for the feedback.

:point_up: this domain seems to me it’s not using Cloudflare nameservers at all.
And something is going on here as when I check with curl :thinking: however, it did redirect me in Firefox to the as same you say OK.

Did you tried to contact hosting provider of the, as I can see 405 Method not allowed as a returned HTTP status code and awslb → some kind of a amazon load balancer? Did you used that kind of a service since before?
Did you tried using Cloudflare with that domain?

Nevertheless, when I tested with Chrome, I waited a bit, but got redirected to too :thinking: is using Cloudflare nameservers ok.

You’re a star… I truly appreciate your support on this!

brandcitizenship was on Cloudflare until Sunday. I cancelled the account when I forwarded it. It’s currently using GoDaddy’s nameservers. As i understand it, it no longer needs the extra security running through Cloudflare since it’s being forwarded to a site with it. I keep wondering it the problem may stem from it having been on Cloudflare before :woman_shrugging:t2: and that I didn’t change something I needed to in preparation for forwarding it.

Very importantly, brandcitizenship still isn’t forwarding for me on mobile (iPhone), even after clearing Safari’s cache.

Would it be beneficial to call GoDaddy and ask about the 405/awslb thing?

Also, is there anything that I should ask the co that hosts the site to check? Should I have done something in wordpress before redirecting the site? Although I can’t access the site on wordpress, I’m guessing it’s still there. I didn’t delete it.

btw, the other reason I cancelled brandcitzenship on Cloudflare way I couldn’t identify a way to forward the whole site, only redirect individual pages. Although I’d rather not pay the monthly fee if it’s not necessary, is there a way to forward an entire site on Cloudflare if the domain is registered w/GoDaddy?

Again, thank you for your help!

I’ve also now checked annebahrthompson on DNS propagation checker and there are a number of issues with propagation. This site runs through Cloudflare and is the domain brandcitizenship is being directed to.

GoDaddy is cancelling the forwarding and setting it up again because of the propagation problems. Not sure if this will help, especially since annebahrthompson has issues. Nonetheless, it was worth the try!

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