Site not reachable when the cloud is orange


when the cloud is orange in dns settings my site is not reachable but when i turn it to grey site opens on http with a warning shown on chrome browser.
why is it happening? it started suddeny day before yesterday.

524 error on orange cloud




Which warning? Post a screenshot.

I get a 524 error which indicates your server is not reachable.


Error 524 too. I got HTTP 200 with curl but it took forever.
The root is loading fine. Does demo point to the same host as your root domain?


it gave the generic chrome browser warning for first time only and then it gives no warning if i load it again by turning the cloud grey.
yes it was giving 524 error but only when the cloud is orange.
@MarkMeyer No demo is pointing to another ip


Assuming your IP address is x.x.x.243 it appears you dont have a valid certificate on your server installed. You first need to get such a certificate before you configure Cloudflare and HTTPS. You can also get such a certificate for free from Cloudflare, by having an origin certificate issued.


this is the screenshot


but earlier it was working fine.


When earlier? Either your HTTPS configuration changed or you didnt open it via HTTPS but on HTTP. You need to fix that certificate before you can move on.


i am using flexible ssl


Flexible is a bad idea to start with. Again, you need to address the certificate issue.


you mean i have to use origin ca certficate on my web server


if i use origin ca certificate should i delete the really simple ssl plugin from my wordpress site?


You need a certificate on your server which is accepted by Cloudflare. That can be a paid one, a free LetsEncrypt one or a free Cloudflare origin certificate.


i understand what you means but after installing cloudflare origin ca certificate i should change flexible ssl to full ssl and delete the really simple ssl plugin from my site.
I am concerned with that plugin.
it is not neccessary to use that plugin after installing ca cert by cloudflare i think.


I dont know what that plugin does, so I cant comment on it I am afraid.

But yes, after configuring the origin certificate you should switch to Full Strict, not just Full.


ok thanks ,
i will try and let you know.


it again started showing error 524 on full ssl and does not work on full strict.
it worked for only few minutes. I was able to log in and working suddenly 524 started again.


Did you have an origin certificate issued and successfully configured it on your server?