Site not loading

I have an issue with my site

if i load without https it works but with https it don’t, can any one help

And also

If i use full SSL it works find but with Flexible SSL it dont work
And one please help…

I have tried to make some changes and it starts working but page is all messed up not loading css and js

Without https they load good.


If it works on Full or Full (strict) it’s fine. Why do you want to use the weakest option? Flexible is only useful if you cant use SSL at all on your server.

You mean “Off” at least proudly states “We dont do that crypto thing!”? :wink:

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Because sub domain dont load at all on full. am not sure why, so i was trying Flexible. but its also giving problem ;(
Not its on full and look at sub domain

Me stupid.

events. currently points to your origin.
And I get a ‘connection refused’ on port 443. Check your server configuration and activate SSL for this vHost.

Thx done that by looking to this site But Now getting error site not secure in Chrome.

Please help

Hi @harinderbachhal, try turning on Always Use HTTPS on the SSL/TLS app?

Thx every one … it working now, i jurst clear my cookies and it start working after putting key and pem on nginx … thx fo help :wink:


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