Site not loading without https & www

Site not loading without https & www

I updated my website:, but I only get a loading animation. If I use (just adding the www) the page loads properly.

Here’s a screen recording: Screen-Recording-2021-06-13...

I reached out to my hosting provider and they said the following (and to check with Cloudflare, who then directed me to this community for help)

I did a quick look up through leafdns to see if there are any failures with the domain itself.
Leaf DNS <— Here are the results.
It states that ‘The parent nameservers are providing glue that disagrees with a recursive lookup of the A record for betty. NS
It is highly recommended that this be corrected. This may result in intermittent and hard to explain resolution failures.’

Can you please help?

Thank you,


That’s not a DNS issue and I am afraid your host seems to be wrong here.

For me it loads fine

Have you tried clearing your browser cache, clearing your Cloudflare cache, and also a different browser?

If nothing else works you can also use the www to naked domain redirect from #tutorials, but that is most likely an issue on your local side I am afraid.

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Respectively, it might be a mixed content issue, but considering that your site immediately redirects to HTTPS, you shouldn’t really experience that and it would be most likely a local caching issue.

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