Site not loading on mobile

Hi, I have a Cpanel website and it’s and it loads properly both on mobile and pc, but then I bought another domain and deployed the html code on CloudFlare pages, there is no problem with pc version but on mobile it’s not loading properly.

It loads properly on my cpanel website

Your assets are refusing to load because the certificate you use on your site is incorrect

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Do you have a mobile redirect set up?

Not mine, it just says it doesn’t support HTTPS

So, if i fix my https on, or just upload my files on another platform, my problem will be solved right?

Fixing your ssl certificate or moving to another platform (that also supports https/ssl) should fix the problem.
You mentioned you tried Cloudflare Pages, and that should also work for this, you just need to link the custom domain in the settings if you already got the project deployed.

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