Site not loading in Opera. Bad gateway Error code 502


Our site, oddly enough, is not loading on Opera Desktop, running the latest version: Opera One(version: 104.0.4944.54) (x86_64).

We’ve attempted to bypass Cloudflare and the site loads fine. We’ve run the site locally through Opera; the site works fine. Running the site through Cloudflare and the site once again becomes inaccessible.

Opera Mobile on iOS works. Opera mobile on Android doesn’t.

The error is attached. Has anyone experienced this and have a potential solution? We’ve had long conversations with WpEngine about this as well. Everything points us here for the next step.

Thanks in advance.

Site link:

Solved the issue on the WPEngine side if anyone ever faces the same problem.

The issue was an NGINX rewrite that was blocking old user agents. This block just was blocking all Opera users rather than a subset of outdated versions, updating the rule got the site to load over Opera.

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